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Laverne Douglas Technologies is a medtech company providing research & development, marketing and consulting on surgical devices developed on existing or wholly innovative platforms and technologies. We identify and fulfill the need for medical care delivery advances with devices tailored to specific treatments, markets and medical industries. Our current product, “The Spearcision”, is the latest portable handheld surgical device featuring cost-effective and advanced treatment benefits designed to equip managed-care markets with optimized costs-of-treatment parameters.

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Spearcision is on track for rapid progression towards a global product release, with second-generation prototypes complete and experiencing extensive medical trials. Laverne Douglas Technologies is in the process of securing worldwide patents for the Spearcision, with manufacturing of trial units for donation to medical facilities and institutions currently underway. Spearcision Group’s investment campaign was founded to expedite funding for ongoing operations while streamlining all future phases of development with the ultimate goal of widespread market penetration.

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