About Spearcision Surgical Device

The Spearcision, also known as the Electromagnetic Precision Convergence Cutter (EPCC), is a handheld surgical device that capitalizes on the need for electrosurgical innovations resulting in cost-effective and enhanced medical treatment. Designed for optimized safety, efficiency and reduced surgical costs, the Spearcision utilizes breakthrough technology to minimize blood vessel, tissue and cartilage damage for rapid healing times and enhanced surgical outcomes.

Dry Incisions

Reduce Time

Battery life

New Tech

Precision Cut Performance

Delivers high-performance surgical accuracy adaptive to various incision types, sites and treatment objectives.

Surgical Accessories

Features a range of modular accessories uniquely designed for various incisions and dynamic surgical application.

Device Portability

Allows for fully portable and precision surgical treatment during emergencies in the field.

Heat Resistant Handle

Allows for extensive use and efficiency during time-intensive procedures without compromising comfort or focus.

Portable Lightweight Battery

Equipped with a high-capacity portable lightweight battery for total degrees of freedom, secure handling and control.

Best Quality and Design

Premium materials and design ensure optimal durability, function and reliability where it matters most.

Spearcision Device Accessories


Spearcision features an expanding range of modular surgical blade accessories for various treatment requirements

including small incisions, wide incisions, straight incisions and rounded incisions with modular capacity for

future technological integrations and accessory types.

About the Inventor

Getting To Know Michael Spears

Michael Spears is the winner of several minority inventor awards and the founder of Laverne Douglas Technologies, the company behind the Spearcision device. As its current President and head of R&D, Spears is considered an industry innovator, a community-minded visionary, and a leader whose business objectives share a common theme of value creation in fundamental fields. He is a former educator from Houston, Texas, and frequently partners with innovators from various industries to identify technology gaps and opportunities for transformational progress.


Michael Spears


Investment Opportunity

Laverne Douglas Technologies and Spearcision Group call on discerning investors to consider the transformative impact of the Electromagnetic Precision Convergence Cutter (EPCC) technology in meeting a global demand for cost-effective and beneficial surgical instruments.  It is our belief this innovative technology will be lifesaving and life transforming.


Spearcision Group is currently launching an initial funding campaign which features generous to-be-defined returns and a company ownership stake for qualified early contributors. Investment opportunities include select contribution tiers with the goal of $10m first-round seed funding directed towards worldwide patent acquisition and the manufacturing and distribution of 100 Trial Machines for donation to medical facilities and institutions participating in Spearcision Medical Trials.

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